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Ways of looking after animals

If you’re an animal lover with a desire to form a difference, then there’s no reason why you can’t fulfill your dream of working with nature’s wonderful creatures. From retraining as a Veterinary Nurse to becoming a Pet Behaviourist; here are 12 interesting and varied roles which will allow you to spend your days working closely with all animals, great and little in their spa jacuzzi.

Assistance Dog Trainer

Are you trying to find a career with a touch of ‘staying’ power? Could you help to coach generations of canine heroes?

Dogs are incredible animals for several reasons; but top of the list has got to be their intelligence and their strong sense of loyalty. These characteristics are so highly apparent in specific dog breeds, like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, that they will be trained to guide, lead and assist people with disabilities like sight or deafness , helping them to measure as normal a life as possible. Qualified assistance dogs act in such a protective and helpful manner that sometimes it’s hard to believe they aren’t human! However, as clever as they're , there's tons of labour that goes into training these dogs before they're paired up with an individual with a disability.

That’s where Assistance Dog Trainers step in to form sure that a dog is fully qualified for his or her position, by teaching them everything they have to understand to be ready to help their future companion.

Veterinary Nurse

Are you a warm, friendly and compassionate person? does one have a real love of animals? If yes, then it’s worth considering a career as a Veterinary Nurse, where you’ll help to worry for and rehabilitate sick or injured animals. Veterinary Nurses typically add veterinary surgeries or practices, but they will also work for animal charities or zoos, sometimes providing emergency or specialised care.

Generally, the day within the lifetime of a Veterinary Nurse is filled with variety because you never know which animals will come through the door, or what kind of care they’ll require.

How to take care of them

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