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Used saddles suitable for horses and ponies

You want to buy a saddle for your horse or your pony, but you have trouble making your choice? You deliberately hesitate between a new saddle and a used saddle. Are you wondering what a used saddle has to offer compared to the new saddle? Here are some tips that can help you make your choice.

Why buy a used saddle?

The choice of the saddle proves to be a rather delicate decision to take. Most riding experts prefer to use a used saddles. The latter has already been tamed to your shape when you sit there. The used saddles are also much more resistant, since the latter have been used several times by other horsemen, but they have not yet cracked. Their uses could vary between a simple horse ride with very rigorous jumps. You can also use them immediately on the horse without first maintaining them as new saddles. It does not require much maintenance, you just have to feed it with a sponge coated with glycerine after each use and you're done. On top, this type of saddle will save you money, because 600 euros you can get one that is quite robust instead of spending 700 euros for a new one that can crack after a few uses.

Saddle used for horses and ponies

Horses and ponies are both of the same species. However, for the choice of their saddle, it could be much more delicate, because at first sight, a pony is much smaller than a horse. Also, the latter has a wider back. By opting for a used saddle to mount each of these animals, it is then necessary to ask on several criteria so that the saddle in question can offer a great ease as well to the animal as to the horseman.

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