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The passion of restoring an old saddle to it's past glory

We have been riding horses for thousands of years, and the equipment that we use have evolved since then. From the earliest depictions, saddles have become status symbols, according to Frozen Tombs of Siberia: The Pazyryk Burials of Iron Age Horsemen, From the earliest depictions, saddles became status symbols. Saddles are used to show off an individual's wealth and status, embellishments were added to saddles, including elaborate sewing and leatherwork, precious metals such as gold, carvings of wood and horn, and other ornamentation. The materials and design have since changed, but most saddles are meant to be kept and collected. It may be because of its design or history. Antique and vintage saddles are a piece of art with history.

For avid horse riders, saddles can have emotional importance and get rid of it is not going to be their option. This is where an experienced and talented saddler is needed. Some saddlers became passionate about carefully restoring old worn-out saddles into its past glory. Restoration of saddles with the help of modern tools is an intricate process.

The restoration process begins with the renovation of the framework, the breaks are repaired; the trees are covered. Then the bars are covered. Afterward, the process of adding or riding is done. The restoration continues with the seat, then old patterns are painstakingly recreated as near as the old one as possible. Some might also include stamping on the billet protectors.

These processes are efficiently and accurately done by a passionate saddler who wants to be able to make an old saddle reusable and pleasing in the eyes again.

You may want to have your old saddle restored to reuse or sell. Or if you just started in the horse industry, you might be looking for used barrel saddles for sale to lessen the expenses. You might also be a collector. Either way, each restored saddle has been done with passion.

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