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The passion for saddles @Equitack

Enjoy the Equitack experience and fervor for horse riding and get free delivery on all models of fine used saddles. You practice your passion at high level or you are an endurance rider, these saddles are for you. Absolutely comfortable, removable and re-positionable, it will adapt for you and your horse.

The ideal equipment for the mount and its rider

Still known as an outdoor saddle or saddle for hiking, the endurance saddle offers the rider and his mount a remarkable comfort. This comfort is generally characterized by the largesse of the seat and also the presence of padding, which means that the weight of the rider is proportionally distributed on the horse's back. This comfort does not privilege the rider, but also the mount, for which the endurance saddle is a riding equipment that is used for long periods. Given the level of use that will be made, the endurance seat is equipped with a molded plastic tree injected and mounted on large panels.

Saddle: an important element

The mounted agents need to perform their service with professionalism and to have the full cooperation of their companion. We know how much saddles are provided in staffing is a very important work tool. It is for this reason that we design saddles able to guarantee the maximum well-being for the horse, as well as stability and comfort for the rider over long distances. At Equitack, their saddles show a very good adaptability to the different morphologies of horses and an excellent seat for the rider who must feel good and at ease. They can be personalized with specific accessories: leg protectors, baton holder, rear bumper for the back of the horse as well as saddle bag, large back pudding and front banana bag.

Available in several colors, the endurance riding saddle is available in all possible sizes. Just choose from the multitude of models on Equitack and forward full gallop.

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