passion horse

The comfort of your horse should always be a priority

Beautiful and loyal, these are the first characters of a horse towards his rider. It is clear that a horse is always looking for a leader otherwise they end up at the slaughterhouse. Horses love to be in troops, and actually having one is a treasure, but first of all, it is important to equip oneself.

Prepare to welcome a horse

Once again, a horse is neither a cat, nor a dog, nor even a rabbit, he needs space in his barn and spaces in a green meadow. But that does not mean that if you have a small space or apartment in town, you cannot have a horse. You can put your horse in a boarding school and visit him once a week. But this second option will cost you a bit of money to build a nice place in your home. You can find easily online a tutorial for the factory of his stable and his park, you even have pictures for the right model.

Horses and its equipment

First, a horse must visit the vet once a month and the best are to go with the vet, he will make his first report and his advice is very useful. And then the saddle whose choice would be better for the used barrel saddles for sale which offer a lot of possibilities of disciplines for your horse. Of course, it is advisable to do some research online and check the photos on the catalog of the site and decide to test the saddle on site, of course with the horse. There are many ways to know if the saddle goes to your horse, but this is also a step that you can have more information online. Then you already have a horse cleaning kit. The horse's rug is important and normally you buy it with your rider equipment.

And finally, the different dietary supplements, proteins and then the treatments against insects such as lice are prioritized.

Horses, a passion

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