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Take care of your horse's back ! Always

Back pain, back pain or low back pain are very common problems génréalement for horses especially if they are mounted in any discipline they practice. Few people do not suffer. These diseases can occur during the strapping, work is noticed on palpation. It is also possible that your mount is defending every time you ask him to put a gallop. Unfortunately, more than half of the horses that badly without their owners not realize it.

The causes of his bad back

Obviously we find it very difficult to ride a horse while protecting his back. This is not easy. The horse is not normally made to be mounted but to stay in a beautiful meadow or gallop freely while eating upside down.

The balance on his shoulders is then naturally. To carry us, and he will move it toward her hips. That's what we learn when training him so that he can find the right position to carry his rider without necessarily suffer. If your horse is working properly and then gradually climbs his withers and back rounds gradually, until it can be able to carry you. Otherwise, it is hollow and pains and contractures appear gradually until there is a thorny conflict.

Apart from the quality of work, there are also these fine used saddle for you to consider. All stools you see in stores are not necessarily adapted to the back of your mount and can then cause severe pain. There are only a few models, shackle heights and sizes while different morphologies. If the tourniquet is too wide, the clamp the hoop. In case the back is too swayed, the saddle will not touch the middle of the back but will instead appuiyer about Garros and his lower back. If the gutter is too narrow, it will affect the vertebrae and others.

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