passion horse

Me and my used saddle

It is not always easy to find a good used saddle. To get an opinion, no secret, you have to try several, to really be sure to make the right choice, whether for the comfort of the horse and the rider, and not to choose on one says, knowing that this that is valid for a horse / rider couple is not necessarily for another. For all your used saddles needs make use of this site that will help you as they have done with me.

A saddle made for me

I am a lover of horses so for the purchase of my saddle I went to the site and a specialist advises me and today I am very satisfied with my used saddle bought cheap. In addition, horse lovers will of course find a wide range of supplies for the stable and meadow, blankets, bridles and many other equipment for horses and riders. The site offers riding equipment: equipment for horses and riders, on a selection of products handpicked. The site wants one more thing: to offer to the customers the best possible equipment for each domain of the equestrian sport.

Types of stool

There are as many types of saddles as there are types of horses and riders, so it is difficult to say that this or that brand is better than another, each with different morphologies and sensitivities, different tastes, and Financial means that do not have the same limits, short wedges, specific fenders, standard Epoxy tree and wraparound cleats ideally place you in order to save even more the efforts of the rider / horse couple. Sitting or balancing, this saddle will surprise you with its versatility and the feeling of safety that it provides in being one with your horse. Regarding the mono quarter, it is a matter of taste of the rider, but for a question of weight and contact with the horse, there is no photo, it is a real progress.

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