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Horses vs ponies: what are the differences?

Horses and ponies are both respectable animals in the field of horse riding. However, many people neglect the fact that there is a huge difference between these two almost distinct beings.

At the physical level

We all know that a pony is smaller compared to the horse. Indeed, they measure at most 1 meter 40 while the horse can reach almost 1 meter 90. In addition, people tend to judge that these animals are mostly mounted by children who want to learn to ride . It is even said that ponies are ridden by children from 2 to 10 years old while horses are ridden by 11 years old and over. However, these beings can bear more weight compared to the horse and for that, races are even dedicated to them.

At the endurance level

It is true that ponies can bear more weight compared to horses, however, with their little paws they are not very sturdy. Indeed, these animals are more rustic and resistant compared to horses but they are known to be faster and more flexible. However, there are exceptions. Exercises are probably specific to horses or ponies, but in both cases, one can beat the other if it lacks training. Nowadays, many people raise these animals to deepen their passion for riding but also, to perfect their performance during races, challenges or various obstacles.

Beasts in search of adventure

What is certain is that the horse and the pony are animals that love to run. And on, you will undoubtedly find the equipment that will allow you to ride them without hindering you or without risk of falling. In addition, you will also find the best saddles for horses or ponies. You will find that you can enjoy comfort, relaxation, perfect balancing and the real skills of your animals. For more details about the difference of these animals always in search of adventures, do not hesitate to ask more information.

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