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Equitack : The best in the business for restored saddles

Equitack is an online saddlery shop, initially and with time and experience, it is a shop that sells a complete equipment for the horse and its rider. Equitack goes even further and supports the championships in horse racing and is a shop that has victories to celebrate.

The range of saddles from Equitack

When we visit the site, we feel that there is dynamism in the products, but also novelties that add to the catalog. Normally, it is a specialized shop for the resale of used saddles. Indeed, Equitack has workshops, and it is for this reason that they manage to give back to the worn saddles coming from individuals who want to keep their treasure or new riders who want to trust his equipment. It is true that when one buys an old saddle, one is rather reassured of his reliability towards the horse, but of his comfort towards the horseman and all forms a good efficiency to accomplish the work that he does.

What's new at Equitack?

Equitack changes its products almost every month, and as we are pretty close to the start, new things are attractive at this store. At equitack, you do not have to have a project to buy, but just take some advice from the experts. It also offers a 14-day trial on the rooms you buy and is a good challenge to his opponents. It has, of course, a workshop to restore the saddles that they will have to review according to your instructions. It is a shop that sells care products for your horse with, of course, instructions for the proper use of the products. The prestige of Equitack lies in the quality of its products and this personalized image of the saddles because its teams are well experienced and the materials of manufacture are well selected. But on the other hand, the shop is already in charge of testing its saddles before putting them on sale and since they are partners of horse competitions on an international scale, the judges are experts.

Innovative manufacturing concepts, the use of the highest-quality materials and the highest level of craftsmanship are at the basis of the worldwide success of the Equitack brand.

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