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5 gift ideas for horse lovers

Are you looking for an original gift idea for you who are a horse lover or horseback riding? The only problem is that you can not find the perfect gift to satisfy you? So you fall in the right place. Here are some gift ideas for horse lovers.

1. A day of riding

Give yourself a great opportunity to spend a whole day at a riding center. In Chambéry in Haute Savoie there are several equestrian centers only 40 euros for a particular session and if you already have a horse the price will be 30 Euros. In these centers you will undoubtedly find your happiness to know a small hike in the countryside with horses or learn jumping which is also a very interesting activity.

2. A unicorn horn for horses and saddles

And presto a nice unicorn horn for your horse and you will believe yourself in a fairy tale. Do not forget the used saddles that are much cheaper and that will allow you to ride your horse at your leisure and anytime.

3. A Unicorn and Horse Wedding Cake Figure

So here is a pretty original and tempting idea. A cake figurine in the shape of a white unicorn and horse. A nice trinket available only 10.59 Euros at Joyco International which also offers a multitude of gift for those who are followers of horses. So you can put this trinket where you want and even on your nightstand to adorn.

4. A cushion of horse's head

Give yourself this pretty pillow in the shape of a horse head for only 80 Euros at Kropserkel. It will allow you to sleep safely and in the comfort of a good cushion that represents your love for riding.

5. A quilt for riding fans

Another very original idea is to buy a quilt with an embroidered horse drawing at only 69 Euros at Fancy. You will be able to sleep well warm and find a better road for the night thanks to this quilt.

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