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Horses, our passion.. Your passion !

Come to visit our website dedicated to horse riding and the equestrian world : you will find a lot of informations about the horse and what is related to. You will also find some daily horse riders's tips and tricks, and advices to take care of your horse at best. Welcome to your clubhouse, have a nice visit and do not hesitate to invite your friends who ride too !

Horses, a passion

Horse riding is more than a simple sport : it is a real passion, a consuming passion which takes up a lot of head space in a life. That is this passion we wanted to share with you across this website. We are completely obsessed with love of horses, and we extol a complete respectful horse riding because we think it is essential to respect your mount if you want to be respected in return. The more a horse is respected, the more it is relaxed and inclined to work correctly.

How to take care of them

To take care of a horse requires a certain rigor, and it is worthy of many attention. It is important to keep in mind that buy a horse if you do not have time to devote to it is not worth it. But if you give it a little time each day you can be sure that it will return the sentiment a hundredfold ! Obviously you also have to invest money in some basic stuff to groom it, and to work correctly as well. But above all the most important is horse respect : you should not see your horse as an adversary that you have to submit, but as an equal partner. Thanks to this your horse will be more obedient, and the more you respect it the more it is docile ! It is usually said that you should ask little and reward a lot.

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